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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Shiira Desuu~ here!Female/United States Group :iconseperatesoulsfanclub: SeperateSoulsFanClub
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I love to draw as much as the next person.. feel free to explore my expanding gallery!


pokemonmae3 has started a donation pool!
1 / 100
for the people who are kind enough to give even a stranger points..
or even the people paying for something i did for em :P

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Shiira Desuu~ here!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Heeyyy guys its Shiira~. thanks for visiting my page!

Name: Shiira [Pen Name]
Age: whatever you think i may be..
Bday: Sept 4th [yah.. when i asked for help makin this [insert time] ago my mum put in her stuff instead of mine.. wah~]
fav colors: Orange, Red, Yerrow :3
current Manga series: Separate Souls
Publishing: I want either Yen Press or Dark Horse.. otherwise ill do selfpublishing.
My Pet's info:
name: Orion the Hedgehog [Ori-tan]
fav music: They call me Sonic
fav youtuber: PewDiePie
PitaPata Dog tickers
loves: Wheeling, Youtube, meowing, tugging, digging, socks
Just wont eat: Mealworms, bananas
features: Red eyed, cream colored, goes FLOOF alot,

I'm an Otaku.
My fav anime are Haganai Next, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters, Pokemon, and Okami to Supaiisu.
I guess you can say im an isomniac.. i swear i usually go to bed around 3 AM but then again the worst is 6 AM..
My current Anime BF is Ryo Bakura. :heart: :iconryobakuraplz: :heart:

Just so you guys know i speak several languages.. not all of em though i am fluent in.
JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design ごめんなさい. 私は日本語が下手ですが、努力します. しかしローマ字でかなり良いイム!!
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design US born n raised! i also have a higher reading level then my own peers.
Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design si. estado hablando español durante dos años como una escuela electiva. pero soy limitado.

:orange: Peeps i know irl :orange:
:orange: my buddies here :orange:

RQ: Soulshipping by SparkMaster37Gift: Yuffie by SparkMaster37Collab/RP: Evan n Cody by SparkMaster37Yuffie Makoto by kaulitznekoPrize 1 for Yuffie by RainbowRootsieFluffyShipping by RainbowRootsie


Commish: Neko KIll-Joy ref by pokemonmae3
Commish: Neko KIll-Joy ref
ten. freaking. dollars.. she wanted to pay me 20,but im like NEIN use that with your boyfriend..

yae. money..
anyways.. if you ask, i was commissioned this in real life when i was leaving school..  yeah, Nuko-chan. go ahead and leave your boyfriend for like 10 seconds to glomp me and ask me to do this.. yesh. i love u, girl xD

copyright to her.. idk what her dA is..
Crazy Otaku/Scene Gurl by pokemonmae3
Crazy Otaku/Scene Gurl
Yeaahhh im cuckoo.

even tho im Otaku/Scene/Furry ehhh i didnt wanna add ears.

Piko :DD
Fwaa.. by pokemonmae3
Dangit Dahvie, i love you and all but youre as glitchy as some game that im not mentioning. [*cough* Sonic 06 *cough cough*]

and yes, this is not Dahvie's current outfit, new peeps.. i just got the outfit from some 'Scream for my Icecream' video cuz its one of my fav looks <3

Dahvie Vanity belongs to himself xD i just own the model but not the parts..
UtWofA cover [textless]: Playing around by pokemonmae3
UtWofA cover [textless]: Playing around
[this is when the duelist kingdom chapters start.. its ch 6 and 7]

gimp hates me and thats why i havnt been able to do much.. haha. my manga is also taking time from me.. and school. school is cuckoo sometimes..

anyways, here we've got the ship of that fic, RyoxYuffie, more commonly known as Fluffyshipping. I guess they like playing in fields together xD

YGO (C) Kazuki Takahashi
SS [yes this is an AU fic] (C) Me owo
Happy-Happy Dahvie by pokemonmae3
Happy-Happy Dahvie
[[Yes. i like botdf. if you wanna unwatch me cuz of that, go for it. idc xD. if you watch me cuz of it... cool i guess.]

Jahvie is a thing apparently too..
help me, senpai xD

[[sketch is sketchie.]]

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Miiverse/Art Academy drawings
Bwushies on Yuffy by pokemonmae3
Mightyena :3 by pokemonmae3
Drawings that I make on my Wii U during the late night I will do.
I WILL NOT do BGs for this. BGS are incredibly hard to do on Art Academy. I will do base colors for the backgrounds and i will write your OC's name in white if you wish <3
My regular style
Yuu test drawing by pokemonmae3
In the Past and the Present.. by pokemonmae3
Under the cherry Blossoms by pokemonmae3
My normal style that i use for generally anything.
If ya want the Separate Souls [a comic book im working on] style lining, add 5 points to my donation pool!
If you want a BG [like my Toshi X Kiku picture] add 10 points to my donation pool.
Will be done Traditionally OR Digitally.
If i know you IRL i can personally give you the drawing if its traditional.
Sticker Style your OCs!
Orion the hedgie ID by pokemonmae3
Commish for RainbowRootsie by pokemonmae3
most of you who know me IRL know i have a very stickery style of lining. ill do this digitally for almost cheese. ehe.

*the BG's are always transparent. its easier so you can actually make real stickers out of them.

[I may accept payment in cash soon, but right now im only accepting points. ONLY IF you know me IRL you can do cash payments..]


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