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I love to draw as much as the next person.. feel free to explore my expanding gallery!


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Shiira Desuu~ here!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Heeyyy guys its Shiira~. thanks for visiting my page!

Name: Shiira [Pen Name]
Age: whatever you think i may be..
Bday: Sept 4th [yah.. when i asked for help makin this [insert time] ago my mum put in her stuff instead of mine.. wah~]
fav colors: Orange, Red, Yerrow :3
current Manga series: Separate Souls
Publishing: I want either Yen Press or Dark Horse.. otherwise ill do selfpublishing.
My Pet's info:
name: Orion the Hedgehog [Ori-tan]
fav music: They call me Sonic
fav youtuber: PewDiePie
PitaPata Dog tickers
loves: Wheeling, Youtube, meowing, tugging, digging, socks
Just wont eat: Mealworms, bananas
features: Red eyed, cream colored, goes FLOOF alot,

I'm an Otaku.
My fav anime are Haganai Next, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters, Pokemon, and Okami to Supaiisu.
I guess you can say im an isomniac.. i swear i usually go to bed around 3 AM but then again the worst is 6 AM..
My current Anime BF is Ryo Bakura. :heart: :iconryobakuraplz: :heart:

Just so you guys know i speak several languages.. not all of em though i am fluent in.
JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design ごめんなさい. 私は日本語が下手ですが、努力します. しかしローマ字でかなり良いイム!!
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design US born n raised! i also have a higher reading level then my own peers.
Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design si. estado hablando español durante dos años como una escuela electiva. pero soy limitado.

:orange: Peeps i know irl :orange:
:orange: my buddies here :orange:

RQ: Soulshipping by SparkMaster37Gift: Yuffie by SparkMaster37Collab/RP: Evan n Cody by SparkMaster37Yuffie Makoto by kaulitznekoPrize 1 for Yuffie by RainbowRootsieFluffyShipping by RainbowRootsie

just state who u are here n ill try n remember :3 members are automatically approved.
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Listening to: My writer's sense
  • Reading: SS panals
  • Watching: Bakuman
[[YAOI]] 50 Shades of Jahvie fancover by pokemonmae3
[[YAOI]] 50 Shades of Jahvie fancover
Yeaahh im lazy to do Jayy's tattoos. plus the author of this fanfic never gave me a ref pic of him.. but she did for Dahvie.

This is specifically for the first Chapter, Neko Dahvie~

Fanfic (ON WATTPAD) belongs to BOTDF666.. i keep forgeting her dA name.. at least its not her real name xD. caution tho, this is obviously a smut-fic.. or a lemon, for those who prefer those terms.

Dahvie and Jayy belong to themself.. or does Dahvie belong to Jayy? -shot-
before you go 'Oh, Shiira-sensei, arent you already doing Separate Souls?' Yes, i still am. I would be able to pull two comics at once. cuz the one im thinkin of rebooting, 'Tiger Dog: Tora' is much shorter. plus, its about an adorable pup who is looking for her family~.

thing is it would need a rename.. cuz Tora means Tiger... Tiger dog, Tiger xD huehuehue.

anyone up for this? Dont worry, it wouldnt get in the way of Ss. i would do it after i have no paper for my main work.. cuz its not my main comic, its on regular paper..
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Listening to: My writer's sense
  • Reading: SS panals
  • Watching: Bakuman
"Aww, ye-yuh, Yuug!"  Jonouchi yelled, fist bumping Yuugi (?) as blond boy walked out of the duel box.
"You did good, Jonouchi! Maybe one day, you'll be as good as me!" Yuugi nodded as he spoke.
The gang had a mini-party, which involved the eating of candy and drinking of the sweetest juice. There was even a Eating Contest, which Jonouchi won.
But the happiness did not last long. It was almost time for the sun to start setting, and a certain couple was missing. Yuugi looked around with a worried look. "Hey, has anyone seen Yuffie and Bakura? I havn't seen them since the duel with Weevil." The Tri-color haired boy spoke, earning a 'schmeh' from Jonouchi. "They're prolly off doing stuff... Stuff of the naughty kind." Anzu stared at Honda, mouthing 'perv'.
"No, I simply can't see that... They're both innocent, and for all I know Bakura's never been exposed to anything R-18..." Yuugi chewed on his thumb-nail as he spoke. "They're likely to be lost... I hope they're okay." Yuugi mewled.

And they were.

Ryo looked to the sky as Yuffie sat down next to him. The trees around them blocked out 70 percent of the sun, but those trees were easily climbable and the two were chilling up in a tree.
"My, I didn't know that much time had passed." Ryo smiled as he spoke softly.
Yuffie nodded. "I'm suprised no-one saw us when we snuck off. I mean, we were kind of obvious..." The vixen was blushing beet-red.
Ryo jumped a little at this realization.

They were VERY obvious. They walked out on the gang with their arms hooked.

"Darn..." Ryo hung his head, which effectively hid his face under his fluffy white hair. "I'm an idiot..." Yuffie sgook her head. "No, I'm an idiot. I came up with the idea of leaving the gang." Ryo draped his pale arm over Yuffie. "I'm a bigger idiot 'cause I went along with it!" The vixen smirked. "How about this: We're the Royal Idiots." Ryo laughed at her joke and kissed his lover's cheek.
Yuffie snuggled into Ryo and his soft sweater. "You know, I'm not a big fan of how this thing looks," She tugged a bit at the tan fabric. "But it is as soft as your hair, you little bunny." Ryo smiled and nuzzled his vixen-girl, his hand caressing her cheek. 
"So what do you wanna do out here..?" Yuffie mewled.
Ryo thought for a moment, then looked to Yuffie with his finger still on his lower lip.
"We could find some other duelists..."  Ryo said slyly.
Yuffie eyed the boy, a bit worried. "I dunno who you'd want to meet..." She mewled. "Besides, not a ton of people I would know would be here-"

"That was a great duel, Aniki~."
"At the rate we're going, you're going to win this!"

Yuffie perked her ears at those two voices. They were so familiar to her.
They were the voices of Yukika and Ren, and with Yukika's use of the name 'Aniki', they were complimenting Yuu.
She hadn't heard from them in a while, her beloved friends from Toyama.
She looked below the tree branch she was on to see them. Yuu was wearing his usual leather jacket, orange shirt, and black jeans. His silver earing was sparkling below his indigo hair. Ren had his natural dark brown hair and his dancer's outfit. Yukika was in her punk outfit and had skull earings in. She flipped her semi-short black hair, the top dyed lavender. Yuffie was suprised she was here; Yukika was a punk-idol, and she could be glomped by fans at any point in time. The only thing to possibly stop them was her younger brother.

Ryo raised an eyebrow curiously as he peered at Yuffie. "You know them?" He questioned, getting a slight nod from Yuffie. He put his arm over her as he placed a kiss on her cheek. "Do you wish to speak with them, my creampuff?" Yuffie slowly turned to his soft face. "S...Sure."

Yuffie slowly raised her hand and starting waving it. "Hey~! Yuu, Yukiki, Ren!"

The group of Toyama-ians looked up to see the fox girl. "Yuffie-tan?" Yukika said with glee.

Ryo quickly jumped down, motions Yuffie to jump, then catches her in his clothed arms.
"Hey guys, long time no see." Yuffie mewled, clenching Ryo's sweater.
The fox was attacked by one of Yukika's famous hugs when she got out of Ryo's arms. "Yuuhhh-feeeee-chaan!! I missed you~" Yukika squealed as she nuzzled into her hair. "'Sup, Yuffs." Yuu said as he pulled his sister away. Ren simply gave a peace sign.
Yuffie waved and stretched. "It's been so long since I've seen you guys..." She laughed a bit. "How's the host club holdin' up?"
"Good, I guess." Yuu scratched his head.
"The girls are running it at the moment.. Ehe." Ren said, a bit red in the face. 
"Ayaki is one of them, I guess..?" Yuffie questioned Ren with a smirk.
"Actually, Yuffie-chan, she's here with us. She wanted to enter the competition." Ren ducked his head a bit.


Yuffie perked one ear as she felt Ryo reach out squeeze her hand. He was being rather awkward in this conversation.
"Oh... I havn't introduced my 'friend' here... Guys, this is Bakura Ryo. He's a pretty good student in our school... And very nice." Yuffie used her spare hand to point to the Whitette.
 Everyone gave their hullos and all that. Yukika had a smirk on her face for whatever reason.
The black-haired woman whispered in Yuffie's ear. "Just a question: Is Baku-chan your new boyfriend?" Yuffie jumped away, blushing like a maniac. Yukika laughed and said that it was alright.

-1 hour and 30 minutes of incoherent babbling later-

"Well, we gotta go see how Ayaki and, ahem, him, are doing. See you guys!" Ren said and headed into the direction of the rising moon, the light shining on his awesome hair.
Yuffie nodded and waved good-bye from the ground. "I hope I see you guys later..!" 
Ryo looked up and smiled at the full-moon. It was a beautiful thing, the light it reflected flickering back on to Earth.
"Say, what do you say the moon's craters are shaped like? they look like a face to me." Ryo whispered.
"Well, in Japan, it's a rabbit... You've ever heard the story of 'The Rabbit in the Moon'?" Yuffie mewled.
"No.. Please tell it to me." Ryo scootched closer.

"Well, It goes like this." Yuffie said quietly.

Yuffie told the story of the Rabbit who pounded mochi on the moon. Using many expressions with her face, hands, and ears. Ryo listened intently, staring into the eyes of his dear vixen. When the rabbit tried to give his life away so that the old man could eat, Ryo jumped. Yuffie stretched her arm over Ryo to calm him down and continued the tale. The man had then took off his costume, which he had used to disguise himself, and saved the rabbit from certain death. The man was delighted that the Rabbit was so kind enough that he tried to feed him but not happy at all because he tried to sacrifice himself. The man took his rabbit and returned to his home on the moon.

"The end." Yuffie cooed. Ryo smiled and hugged his vixen. "Wonderful story."

The two lovers went up against a tree and sat with Yuffie's back to it. The vixen didn't give a fight as the Brit kissed her with a sparkling passion. Yuffie must have been his first girlfriend, but he was not your average kisser. Must have practiced making out with a mirror, maybe.
He was careful not to get in the way of his fox's vampire-like canine teeth. A quick swipe of your tongue across one could cut you if you weren't careful.
The Whittette separated himself from the fox's mouth and nipped at Yuffie's neck, getting a few mewls from her.
His tongue was licking half-way up the side of her neck, then settled to sucking on the soft skin.  "R... Ryo.." Yuffie whispered.
The whittette looked up at her and began eskimo kissing her. "What is it, my darling?" Ryo replied, his cerulean eyes shining. "W.. What were you doing..?"  Ryo smiled a little. "I was going to mark you as mine, but if you dont want me to, thats fine.."
Yuffie's violet eyes widened and she lifted her head, exposing more of her thin, fragile neck. "Go ahead, I don't mind." Ryo nodded slightly and continued his little attack on her neck. He wasn't going to give her a big mark, but one that would last at least a week so that in case they were to separate, Yuffie wouldn't really get stolen by another guy, unless forced.
"Ryo, it hurts..." Yuffie mewled. "It's fine, darling.." Ryo suckled a little softer on her neck. He kissed the spot then cuddled close. Yuffie twiddled her fingers in his silvery-white hair. "I love you so~ much, Yuffie.." The vixen nuzzled into Ryo's chest. "Se latrevo.. Ryo.."She muttered, her cute voice carefully pronouncing each syllable as if she had not said those words in a long time.
Ryo chuckled at Yuffie and her bilingual-ness.
A few minutes passed. Yuffie was almost asleep when she heard rustling.

"Say, I think I hear Anzu."
Cody wishes you a merry Christmas! by pokemonmae3
Cody wishes you a merry Christmas!
actually, he's a character.. so merry Chri from me.
.. i absolutly adore the tablet i got.. <33

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Miiverse/Art Academy drawings
Bwushies on Yuffy by pokemonmae3
Mightyena :3 by pokemonmae3
Drawings that I make on my Wii U during the late night I will do.
I WILL NOT do BGs for this. BGS are incredibly hard to do on Art Academy. I will do base colors for the backgrounds and i will write your OC's name in white if you wish <3
My regular style
Yuu test drawing by pokemonmae3
In the Past and the Present.. by pokemonmae3
Under the cherry Blossoms by pokemonmae3
My normal style that i use for generally anything.
If ya want the Separate Souls [a comic book im working on] style lining, add 5 points to my donation pool!
If you want a BG [like my Toshi X Kiku picture] add 10 points to my donation pool.
Will be done Traditionally OR Digitally.
If i know you IRL i can personally give you the drawing if its traditional.
Sticker Style your OCs!
Orion the hedgie ID by pokemonmae3
Commish for RainbowRootsie by pokemonmae3
most of you who know me IRL know i have a very stickery style of lining. ill do this digitally for almost cheese. ehe.

*the BG's are always transparent. its easier so you can actually make real stickers out of them.

[I may accept payment in cash soon, but right now im only accepting points. ONLY IF you know me IRL you can do cash payments..]


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